All of us know of changes we can make that will improve the quality of our lives. So why don’t we go ahead and make the change? Why put off making things better for ourselves? I guess it is just a quirk in our nature.

Frogs Everywhere

I was reminded of the absurdity of waiting to improve our lives once again this morning during my personal devotional. I was reading the classic story of Moses and Pharaoh. God would send a plague on Pharaoh’s Egypt but Pharaoh remained stubborn. There is something about the plague of the frogs that always makes me chuckle.

Frogs aren’t that bad. In fact, frogs can be pretty cute. But too much of even a cute thing like frogs can be disgusting. Frogs showed up in such massive numbers that they were everywhere. Imagine not even being able to take a step without stepping on a frog. Squish. Yuck.

You Name the Time

Pharaoh couldn’t stand it any longer. One night, he called for Moses and pleaded with him to get rid of all these annoying and disgusting frogs. Moses said he would. In fact, Moses told Pharaoh to just name the time. Whatever time Pharaoh gave him, that’s when Moses would end the plague. Pharaoh told Moses to get rid of all these frogs in the morning.

Really? Why did Pharaoh want to spend one more night with the frogs? Wouldn’t you think that “Right now” might have been a better answer? Pharaoh wanted the frogs out of his life. He had the opportunity to do so. Why didn’t he just go ahead and get rid of the frogs that night?

Why Stare at the Frogs?

The only reason I can think as to why Pharaoh gave that peculiar answer is that he must have been a lot like the rest of us. Be honest, haven’t there been times that you have put off doing something you knew would improve your life? I know I have. In fact, I am staring at a couple of frogs right now and saying, “In the morning, you will be gone.”

Why wait until morning? One more night of being covered in slimy frogs listening to them croak isn’t really a smart thing to do. Our night could be so much better if we would just go ahead and get rid of the frogs now.

Which Frog Are You Staring At?

So let me ask you something. Which frogs are you staring at? Do you really want to spend one more night with the frogs? If you know the time will come when you will get rid of the frogs, why wait. If something will make our lives better, there is no sense in putting it off. The best time to make our lives better is now. There is no need to spend one more night with the frogs.

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