Acheive Success


After twenty years as a university business school professor, Jim Muncy knew that there was something missing in his teaching. He knew he was teaching students how to be businesspeople but he wasn’t sure he was teaching how to succeed in business. He had discovered that the most successful people in all fields don’t just understand what they do. They also understand success. So Dr. Muncy had his students start reading books not just about business but also about success. But he didn’t choose the books for them.
They had to find their own book that would help them in succeed in some way. Some read general books on success. Some read books on success in specific areas like business or relationships. Some read biographies of successful people. Throughout the whole class the students would read the books and then come to class and discuss them. Every semester, Dr. Muncy noticed something. No matter what perspective they studied success from, things always distilled down to a few basic keys to all success.
After having his students read thousands of different books on success in hundreds of different fields, Dr. Muncy decided to write down what his students taught him about success. In a short, concise and easy to read conversational style, Dr. Muncy has summarizes what the few keys to all success are. Once published, Dr. Muncy was amazed at the comments he started receiving about how this book was changing life. However, he is always quick to point out that he didn’t invent these keys to success. He didn’t even go out and find them. He simply wrote down in a very easy to read style what he students taught him about success.

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So what are the few keys to all success?

  • DiscernmentJudge the Seed by the Harvest
  • OptimismBe Realistic, See What Can Be
  • ResponsibilityThink Results Not Reasons
  • InitiativeFavor Action Over Endless Contemplation
  • PerseveranceBe Persistent Not Stubborn
  • PurposeBe Unique Not Average
  • SacrificeSeek Wealth Not Riches