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Three Good Things

Three Good Things

I am just coming back from class and I had one of my students say the coolest thing. She was reading a book and it suggested that we always end our days in the same way. Take a pen and write down three good things that happened during the day.

As soon as she said that, I knew I was going to give it a try. Starting tonight, I am going to end every day the same. I am going to make sure I get me some sort of diary type book and a pen. I am going to keep it near my bed.

Then I will be ready. The last thing I am going to do every night before I lay down is that I am going to reflect on the day and write down three good things that happened. I am not necessarily going to expand on them. Just jot them down. I want to start doing that every night. There are three reasons I thought this was such an outstanding idea.

Three Good Reasons for Three Good Things

First, I like the idea that every night, I will be going to bed thinking about something positive. How easy it is by bed time to have regrets for the day or worries for the morrow. Sleep has to be sweeter and better if we enter it thinking of the good things that are happening in our life.

Second, I love the idea because it will give me something to look back on when I need a lift. When hard times hit, we need to remember the good things that have occurred in our past. So, when I am not feeling as positive as I would like to feel, I will have a list I can go back and read.

Third, during the day, I will be looking for things to put on my list that night. Thus, I will pay attention and notice more of the good things that are happening in my life. That should make me more appreciative, not just at night, but all day long.

Join Me for Three Good Things

So how well will this work for me? I don’t know. Tonight will be my first try. I challenge anyone reading this to join me in trying this out for a while. Certainly we can all find three to five minutes of our day to reflect on and write down three good things that just happened.

My guess is that my little book of good things will eventually become one of my most cherished possessions. I don’t know what will eventually be written in that book but I know what the first item on the first day will be: “1) Today, I heard about ending every day by writing down three good things that happened that day.”

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